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Thursday, June 15th, 2006
12:04 am
Today is the last day of school!!!
i feel soooooo special ^^
guess who called my cell?



Randy did!!!!
omg omg omg
the principle!
south eugene high shcools!

omg omg omg

am i special!? hehehe jk

and he asked me some special stuff...

"did your teacher take his shirt off in the class room 3 weeks ago?"

of course the answer was "no"

he did have shirt on
well he had undershirts on

so i just told randy that

"he did have shirt on, but he didnt have his socks on, i believe...."

well he actually didnt

its not like i made it up, trust me

i know you guys trust me hehehe

randy said that

"ya thats what i thought... okay thank you"

or something like

it was fun

vasha was there when i got that phone call and i had my phones speaker on, so
she was trying so hard not to laugh...

the problem was...
randy called my home phone first, so

i kinda got in trouble

my aunt and uncle were really surprised....

so i told them that

im not in trouble and its not like i got F average and i have to do junior again next year lol


i better study you know

i mean it!
i will
i (might) will

what? you think im not gonna study?

well i cant deny it but
you know what i mean?

k guys good night

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
9:18 pm
Last day of May...
This year is going by so quickly.....
It's cool, but also kinda scary and sad...(><)
Im leaving eugene in 3weeks and a day...
well im coming back on 10th of sep tho~

anyways i wanted to show japanese princess hehehe

first, shes the "REAL" japanese princess, 4 years old.... with her parents

what do u think?
i think shes cute^^

from here, its all japanese dressed as princess
the pic is taken by my favorite photographer, mika ninakawa

cinderella before and after....

her hair is huge!!

japanese traditional princess

i think japanese look better with black hair and kimono....
long time ago.... japanese women were allowed to meet guys only if there's a thin carten between them
base of japanese beauty then was... long long hair, thin eyes, fat cheek
anyways thats why she has long long hair

ill put some more pics of japanese princess up sometime soon....^^

Current Mood: worried
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
10:03 pm
no1! hihihi
Hey guys this i got a live journal today! yay!
and maya and vasha helped me making it! yay!
anyways if you know me, you should add me lol
bye bye bye~

Current Mood: happy
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